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Test Drive Sqrrl Enterprise

Apply for Access to Sqrrl Test Drive VM  

Register here to apply for access to a single node of Sqrrl Enterprise that will allow users to get a hands-on feel for the Sqrrl Enterprise software. We will review all applications and follow-up with you.

The Test Drive VM includes:

  • Hortonworks Sandbox with HDP 2.1
  • Apache Zookeeper
  • Apache Accumulo
  • Sqrrl Software
  • Example data
  • Queries, scripts, and instructions
The VM from Sqrrl is available for VirtualBox and requires a 64 bit host OS. This VM runs CentOS 6.5. 





Test Drive VM Registration

The VM is for demo purposes only and is not to be used as a starting point for clusters. Selected registrants will be notified when it is available for download.


"Users now have a frictionless way to quickly learn about Sqrrl's capabilities without needing to stand up a full Hadoop cluster"
      - Mark Terenzoni, CEO

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