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Threat Hunting for Command and Control Activity

Register for the on-demand webinar for a deep dive on uncovering command and control (C2) activity using the Sqrrl Threat Hunting Platform. Sqrrl's Security Technologist Josh Liburdi provides an overview of how Sqrrl is used to detect C2 through a combination of automated detection and hunting.

In this webinar you will learn and see:

  • How hunting can fill gaps not covered by automated alerts
  • How Sqrrl's capabilities align to the Hunting Maturity Model
  • How Sqrrl's machine learning TTP detectors are used to detect C2, including Domain Generation Algorithms and DNS tunneling
  • Walkthroughs of detecting C2 with common hunting techniques, including IOC searching and data stacking

This webinar originally aired on November 30, 2016 at 2 PM ET.

You can find the slides for this presentation here.

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