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CISO-written Cybersecurity Handbook

TagCyber Annual Cybersecurity Report - Sqrrl.pngAbout Edward Amoroso

Dr. Edward G. Amoroso is the sole author. He is former Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer at AT&T, and present Chief Executive Officer of TAG Cyber.

Download the Must-read Reference Guide

Edward Amoroso, former CISO for AT&T, has created a 1,200+ page resource for cybersecurity pros. The handbook includes tech recommendations on 50 controls, interviews, and preferred vendor lists.

What's included in the must-read guide:

  • 50 Major Controls that a CISO team must address to stop cyber attacks. 
  • Exclusive Interviews with nearly fifty cyber security industry luminaries.
  • Top Vendor Listings whittled down from 1,350 cybersecurity companies.

Sqrrl is listed as the only distinguished vendor in security analytics.

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