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Your 101 Guide for Threat Hunting Platforms

With Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) slipping past even the most cutting-edge security defenses, threat hunting has become a must-have cybersecurity capability.

This whitepaper explains how with the right tools, you can hunt down APTs to turn the tables on sophisticated attackers.Threat Hunting Platform Whitepaper.png


NetworkWorld Names Sqrrl “Top Threat Hunting System” after finding multiple hidden threats in a large realistic environment.

"Sqrrl's a great tool to aid those hunting hidden threats inside their network... for users with any skill level ... we were able to discover credentials that were compromised, even though C586 was totally clean and triggered no alarms. It’s critical to note that the behaviors which bubble up in Sqrrl are not ones that have triggered a SIEM alert.” 

See NetworkWorld's "Must-have" Hunt Capability

NetworkWorld warns "security professionals must change the way they normally think... they cannot be passive observers that simply react to alerts triggered in the SIEM." Today's security pros must "proactively go after the threats that evade detection and start to prowl networks looking for APTs and undetected malware."

Will you be the hunter or the prey?

This whitepaper explores the primary value proposition of Threat Hunting Platforms and how analysts can begin to discover new, unknown threats that were neither previously detected nor properly prioritized.

If you have a SIEM, a threat hunting capability is a natural extension of that investment. It provides you with additional visualization and analytics capabilities that enable proactive detection.

You'll find this whitepaper to include:

  • Why cyber threat hunting is a must-have capability
  • Four key requirements of top threat hunting systems
  • Three main benefits gained by using a platform like Sqrrl

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