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Sqrrl and IBM: Threat Hunting for QRadar Users

This joint webinar, in collaboration with IBM, offers a look at the industry leading Threat Hunting App for IBM QRadar. By combining the threat detection capabilities of QRadar and Sqrrl, security analysts are armed with advanced analytics and visualization to hunt for unknown threats and more efficiently investigate known incidents. 

The Sqrrl Threat Hunting Platform fuses IBM QRadar data sources with other contextual data to generate a security Behavior Graph, a unique visual environment for analyzing advanced adversarial behaviors across petabytes of data. QRadar users also benefit from Sqrrl’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), which provide greater context and focus to hunts.  

This webinar showcases:

  1. Visual modeling of adversarial behaviors enriched with QRadar user, asset, and event context

  2. Simplified data source collection and hunt launching with QRadar integration

  3. Native QRadar content for consuming Sqrrl analytics 

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