Target. Hunt. Disrupt.

Your Practical Guide to Threat Hunting 


This eBook will guide you through how to assess and improve your threat hunting capabilities, how to prioritize what to hunt for, and share with you proven methods to track advanced threats within massive datasets generated from large, complex networks. This guide includes a checklist, scorecard, examples and outlines:

Setting up your Hunting Function

  • An Intro to Threat Hunting and Why It’s Important
  • Determining Your Security Operation’s Maturity
  • Metrics for Measuring Your Hunting Success
  • How to Determine What to Hunt For and How Often

Effective Threat Hunting in Practice

  • High Impact Activities to Hunt For
  • Four Primary Threat Hunting Techniques
  • Example Threat Hunt 1: Command and Control
  • Example Threat Hunt 2: Internal Reconnaissance
  • Practical Advice from Ten Experienced Threat Hunters

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