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Leveraging DNS to Surface Attacker Activity

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Register for this ondemand webcast on how to uncover advanced threats using DNS and data science, presented by Josh Liburdi and Chris McCubbin.

In this training session, we'll review how adversaries use DNS to achieve their mission, how to use DNS data as a starting point for launching an investigation, the data science behind automated detection of DNS-based malicious techniques and how DNS tunneling and DGA machine learning algorithms work. 


Meet Your Presenters


Josh LiburdiThreat Hunter and Security Technologist

Josh worked at CrowdStrike on the Professional Services team where he performed threat hunting and incident investigations on behalf of Fortune 500 clients. Prior to joining CrowdStrike, Josh was a member of the General Electric Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) where he led development of scalable, advanced threat detection scenarios. Josh is currently a Security Technologist at Sqrrl where he acts as a threat hunting subject matter expert and helps drive product direction.


Chris McCubbin, Director of Data Science

Chris has over fifteen years of experience building big data analytic systems and leading highly-skilled data science teams. Prior to co-founding Sqrrl, Chris led a large research team of computer scientists and mathematicians creating novel cloud-based analytics for the intelligence community. Chris currently serves as the Director of Data Science at Sqrrl where he's focused on building the latest technology to help security analysts hunt threats.

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In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What DNS is and how adversaries can utilize it to carry out attacks 
  • How to use DNS data to launch an incident investigation
  • How to leverage data science techniques to detect DNS behaviors like DGA
  • The practical fundamentals of how these data science techniques work


You can download the presentation slides here

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