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Watch Sqrrl's July Webinar

Real-Time Graph Search on Hadoop: Working with Massive, Secure Graphs in Sqrrl Enterprise

So you have a Hadoop cluster - now what?  If you are struggling mashing up your data, modeling it, interpreting its context, and keeping it protected, join us to learn about how you can do something useful with Graph Data Models in Sqrrl Enterprise.

In this webinar, Sqrrl co-founder and Director of Data Science, Chris McCubbin, will cover the art of the possible in graph technology on Hadoop.  He'll even pull a magic trick he likes to call 'graph-ception', and use graphs to teach you about graphs!  

You'll walk away with knowledge about:

  • How graphs differ from traditional databases, and even other NoSQL environments
  • Why graphs are important, and how they enable intuitive, contextual navigation of intricate relationships
  • Sqrrl's hybrid document / graph data model
  • How the heritage of Accumulo's security has enabled massive, secure graphs on Hadoop
  • How to build a graph with Sqrrl Enterprise
  • Data Science techniques for advanced graph analytics, by example

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