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Sqrrl and Carbon Black Threat Hunting Webinar

Threat Hunting from Network to Endpoint

This joint webinar, in collaboration with Carbon Black, focuses on the power of unified threat hunting solutions that fuse network and endpoint data.

The integrated Sqrrl / Carbon Black solution takes rich endpoint data collected from Carbon Black and fuses it with network, identity, and threat intelligence data within Sqrrl’s threat hunting platform to provide hunters with a complete picture of threat activity.

In this webinar you will:

  1. Learn hunting best practices using both network and endpoint data

  2. Understand how fusing network and endpoint datasets increases the clarity AND confidence of hunts and investigations

  3. See the new solution in action
The webinar is led by Jim Raine, Director of Technical Alliances at Carbon Black, David Bianco, Security Technologist at Sqrrl, and Ross Warren, Solution Architect at Sqrrl.

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