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Your Threat Hunting Knowledge Compendium 


Huntpedia is an aggregation of collected wisdom from some our industry's most seasoned Threat Hunters. Its purpose is simple, tribal knowledge sharing. 

We've gathered 14 of the leading experts on Hunting and Incident Response to share their own tactics, techniques and procedures for finding evil on the wire. Enjoy!

Foreword by Richard Beijtlich

Part I – Threat Hunting: Theory and Practice    

  • Chapter 1 Threat Hunting: People, Process, Technology - Danny Akacki
  • Chapter 2 The Pyramid of Pain: Threat Hunting Edition - David Bianco
  • Chapter 3 Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis - Sergio Caltagirone
  • Chapter 4 Hunting Through Large Volumes of Logs - Jack Crook    
  • Chapter 5 Hunting for Malicious DNS Namespace Collisions - Tyler Hudak    
  • Chapter 6 Hunting Anomalous Behavior in DNS Queries - Samuel Alonso   
  • Chapter 7 Waiting vs. Passivity in DFIR -Scott Roberts     

Part II: Threat Hunting – Tools of The Trade

  • Chapter 8 Hunting for Uncategorized Proxy Events Using Sqrrl - Chris Sanders
  • Chapter 9 Hunting Lateral Movement via PSEXEC Using Sqrrl - Ryan Nolette
  • Chapter 10 Hunting for Command and Control - Josh Liburdi
  • Chapter 11 Hunting Process Impersonation Using Python - David Bianco
  • Chapter 12 Hunting for PowerShell Abuse Using Sqrrl - Matthew Hosburgh
  • Chapter 13 Leveraging Machine Learning for Threat Hunting - Tim Crothers

Afterword by Rob Lee

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