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Threat Hunting for Data Staging and Exfiltration 


Sign up for our upcoming webcast training session on how to hunt for data staging and network exfiltration, presented by Paul Bartruff and Adam Fuchs.

In this training session, we’ll review the actions and techniques attackers use to gather and aggregate proprietary information in preparation for exfiltration, and discuss the various ways APT actors typically exfiltrate data to remote systems.


Meet Your Presenters

Adam FuchsChief Technology Officer, Sqrrl

Sqrrl CTO and co-founder Adam Fuchs ensures that Sqrrl leads world in Big Data Infrastructure technology. Previously, at the NSA, Adam was an innovator and technical director for several database projects, handling some of the world’s largest and most diverse data sets. 


Paul Bartruff, Information Security Engineer, Sqrrl

In support of Sqrrl's Field Sales Team, Paul Bartuff, evangelizes and advises enterprises that are adopting advanced cyber security technologies. He holds a notable list of technical certifications, and is a member of the ACM and (ISC)2. Previously, Paul has worked as an incident responder, forensic analyst and reverse engineer providing technical insight into targeted and non-targeted attacks at Lockheed Martin, SAIC, and FireEye.

In this on-demand training session, you’ll learn:

• Attacker activities used in actual APT campaigns that you can hunt for
• How to find data staging by baselining the number of bytes entities consume
• How to examine records in victim networks to get the full picture of an attack
• The data science behind attacker data staging and exfiltration techniques 

You can download the slide deck here

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